automatica 2023: A Showcase of Innovation and Exciting New Releases


automatica 2023: Experience the forefront of automation and robotics at this prestigious exhibition. Explore cutting-edge technologies, exciting releases, and industry collaborations that shape the future of innovation. Get inspired and discover new possibilities in smart automation.

automatica 2023, the prestigious exhibition for smart automation and robotics, is set to take place from June 27 to 30. As one of the most anticipated events in the industry, it serves as a remarkable platform for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and unveiling exciting new releases. With a lineup of prominent exhibitors and a focus on key industry topics, automatica 2023 promises to amaze and inspire attendees.

This year's exhibition has generated significant excitement due to the remarkable innovations and releases that will be featured. From groundbreaking advancements in robotics to transformative automation solutions, automatica 2023 will provide a glimpse into the future of industry. Attendees can expect to witness the latest technologies and witness firsthand the potential they hold for enhancing productivity, efficiency, and safety in various sectors. automatica 2023 sets the stage for an extraordinary showcase of innovation and sets the tone for the continued advancement of smart automation and robotics.

ABB Introduces the GoFa 10 & 12:

introduces the GoFa 10 & 12, two powerful and precise industrial robots designed for automation applications. The GoFa 12 has a payload capacity of 12 kilograms and a reach of 1.4 metres, providing flexibility and the ability to handle heavier objects. With its IP67 protection rating, it operates reliably in oily environments, reducing the risk of damage. The GoFa 12 offers exceptional repeatability and a precision of 0.02 millimetres, making it ideal for high-precision applications such as machine tending, welding, and polishing. Its Tool Center Speed of up to 2 metres per second enables efficient task execution in various industries.

The GoFa 10 has a payload capacity of 10 kilograms and a reach of 1.62 metres, offering versatility for automation tasks. Its IP67 rating ensures reliable operation in challenging environments with dust, dirt, or moisture. The GoFa 10's extended reach is specifically designed for efficient palletizing tasks in industries like logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing. It exhibits a high tolerance for extreme temperatures, making it suitable for both hot and cold conditions. Compatible with specific software systems, the GoFa 10 enables seamless integration, efficient programming, monitoring, and control. This compatibility allows users to optimise its performance and integrate it into larger automation frameworks.



DENSO Unveils Cobotta Cobot:

is a high-speed collaborative robot designed to work alongside human operators, enhancing efficiency and ensuring safety in industrial automation. With a top TCP speed of 2,500 mm/s, it rivals the speed of 5- and 6-axis robots, making it among the fastest in the industry. COBOTTA PRO combines speed with improved safety measures, maximising productivity in collaborative operations.

Its intuitive teaching system enables operators of all expertise levels to easily program and control the robot. The CRC9 controller provides integrated equipment control and an integrated development environment, simplifying automation of challenging tasks. COBOTTA PRO's versatility is enhanced through integration with Denso Wave's 3D vision technology and general-purpose AI software, expanding automation capabilities.

In addition to its standout features, COBOTTA PRO offers specialised specifications tailored to specific application requirements. It can operate in extreme temperatures and seamlessly integrate with existing software systems or protocols used in industrial automation. COBOTTA PRO is the unique solution for a wide range of applications and operating conditions.


Kawasaki and Neura Robotics Collaborate on the CL Series Cobots:

The Kawasaki CL Series is a collaborative robot line resulting from the partnership between Kawasaki and Neura Robotics. These robots combine Japanese engineering expertise with German innovation to offer versatile and agile solutions. With various payload and reach options, the CL Series caters to diverse application requirements. It features state-of-the-art technology, lightweight yet reliable construction, and an intuitive user interface.

The CL Series excels in automating tasks with industry-leading speed capabilities and high repeatability. It is designed to withstand harsh environments and operate effectively in challenging conditions. The CL Series represents a powerful collaboration between Kawasaki and Neura Robotics, bringing together the best of both worlds to drive innovation in the field of collaborative robotics.

CL Series

Thriving on Innovation:

automatica 2023 is buzzing with an array of new releases and groundbreaking technologies from various exhibitors. The event serves as a melting pot of ideas, where industry giants and emerging players alike come together to push the boundaries of automation. From augmented reality and digital twins to sustainable production and human-machine collaboration, the innovations on display reflect the drive towards a more efficient, interconnected, and sustainable future.


In conclusion, automatica 2023 is set to redefine the future of automation and robotics, with notable releases in the field of collaborative robots. The event serves as a testament to the industry's continuous drive for innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. Attendees will witness groundbreaking technologies, explore new possibilities, and gain valuable insights, leaving them inspired and ready to shape the future of automation.

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