The average price of a cobot based on 56 models


When browsing or researching for a cobot, one of the most important things that manufacturers consider is the pricing.

Based on Qviro’s price research of 56 cobots, the average price of a cobot is € 27,158.

prices are linearly related to their payload capabilities.

Examples of average prices to the cobots payload capabilities:

    1. A 5kg payload capable cobot, the equivalent price would be € 25,000.

    2. A 10kg payload capable cobot, the equivalent price would be € 35,000.

    3. A 15kg payload capable cobot, the equivalent price would be € 45,000.

An illustration of cobot prices being linearly related to its payload capabilities.

With growing numbers of cobots on the market, a few companies challenge the market with relatively low prices for higher payloads. Their main goal is to gain market share without focussing on profit.

The costs of cobots are generally often 2 to 3 times more than the actual cost of the cobot.


The purchase of a cobot alone does not paint a full image, it should include the total acquisition costs, for example, the cobot arm, the peripheral products (attached and accessories needed for your specific manufacturing needs) and the integration of the cobot into your production line.

  1. A basic pick and place cobot tend to only require a simple two-finger gripper as a peripheral product attached to the cobot. The integration of the cobot in the production process tends to be relatively lower cost and much simpler.

  2. As for a more complex application such as bin picking, this would require specific software, machine vision systems and peripheral products such as special grippers.

  3. The simpler and quicker the cobot can be installed and set up, a relatively lower cost of integration. If the peripheral products are already available as a plug and play, there will not be a need for complex programming of the component.

  4. In respect to application costs, if the aim of the cobot is to be in a stable and unchanging production line, the costs will be relatively low.

All cobot prices can be found on Qviro, as our aim has always been to catalogue every product on the market regardless of whether companies pay us or not. Qviro believes in transparency and that confident decisions can only be made if all alternative products can be compared with each other.

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Updated 08/07/2022