Why Reviews are Important for Your Business!


Product reviews are really important!

Here's 3 reasons as to how your user reviews can sell for you!

Product reviews:

People read them, they search for them. It is not unknown that people depend on reviews to guide them on their purchasing decisions.

To simply put it…

Peer reviews matter. A lot.

The truth is, your customers and prospects don’t trust your brand enough to convert.

At least not yet.

So how do we find a way around this?


The impact reviews can have on your business is immense.

Positive reviews build trust and provide benefits for the brand you are trying to build.

But why?

1. Social Proof Drives Purchases & Progressively Essential to Decision Making

Let's be honest, we are more likely to make a purchase if even around us (even total strangers) agree that it is a good decision.

Qviro makes those reviews 100% authentic, through a very thorough validation process, so that it is even more trustworthy - after all, we specialize in reviews and put together our most helpful insights.

Online visibility is a crucial aspect of being proactive to get the brand name out.

Sure social media is a great method to increase visibility but to encourage customers to speak or rather leave reviews on external channels is a crucial element to the success of your brand presence.

“Online reviews are the new word of mouth, as 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

- Qviro, 2021

    It is not uncommon for online reviews to be an essential part of the decision-making process. When people want to know the best places to go, whether it be a restaurant or online shopping, or a holiday vacation, it is most likely the case that people will turn to Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Qviro.

    2. Expands Conversation about You (Increased Visibility)

    Reviews have a very rapid way of spreading - encouraging users is a great way to expand your brand’s reach. It is more likely that a user will share their reviews on an external site such as Qviro.

    Qviro can be a hub for your online presence. This is evident in that when Google collects data from external sites, it will build its own results ranking.

    On an individual basis, possessing positive reviews can already push your brand further.

    No matter the size of the company, Qviro will list all the products available on the market and make the reviews accessible to you.

    3. Brand Trust

    Your brand can build a steady, significant and a credible reputation from a consistent flow of reviews. It builds the company’s online identity.

    Your brand can build significant trust and credibility from a steady stream of positive reviews. One of the more interesting findings of recent research is just how powerful reviews are at building your company’s online identity.


    Reviews are the building blocks for any company’s long-term success. That’s not changing any time soon.

    Purchase journeys have changed. Reviews keep you moving forward.

    Whoever thought a subject as seemingly simple as reviews could be so nuanced?

    You will uncover the importance of trust and community. And you’re ready to greet future trends and stay ahead of the competition.

    This article is only just the tip of the iceberg of what Qviro reviews can do for you and your business. If we have caught your attention already, why not read further into what Qviro’s Brand Trust subscription offers.

    Here’s a snippet:

    Qviro's Brand Trust Subscription not only offers you our service of managing review collection for you, you will know how to collect reviews, how to leverage them (even the negative ones) into sales, product improvement and user experience refinement

    Here’s one Qviro’s offering for our Brand Trust Subscription:

    Run a campaign through your reviews provider.

    If you’re working with a review vendor like Qviro.com, your customer success representative can help you set up a landing page. Qviro's Brand Trust Subscription offers you our service of managing review collection for you. Simply provide a list of customers to reach out to and Qviro will take care of the rest.

    Surely if you have read to this point, you are bound to be interested.

    Why not read more about Qviro’s Brand Trust Subscription, click here.

    Updated 20/10/22

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