Oslo, Norway

26 Oct 2023

I am looking for a product:

We manufacture and sell medical equipment used in the operation room. We are currently redesigning this system and upgrading the screen to a 24". The screen will be 6 to 10 kilos. We are now researching the rotating system of the screen. Requirements: - The screen needs to rotate 90 degrees from landscape to portrait. - The solution should allow for automatic as well as manual rotation. - The screen is mounted on a trolly system so the solution needs to be balanced for pivoting-risk. - The setup needs to have medical grade. - Implementation from a windows based system. We did not find an easy-default item on the market to do mechanical simple rotation, that is why we start looking into robotic arms. We might need a couple of hundred units starting on 2024-2025. But we first need to buy one or two to start testing.

Product type: Cobot.

Budget: Range of medical-grade screen-arms.


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