Newcastle, United Kingdom


250 - 999 employees

23 Feb 2023

I want to automate my project:

We are a company that imports tens of thousands of mobile telephones (smartphones). When we do so we need to change software on the phone. This involves attaching the phone to a PC and then running through a sequence of gestures on the phone to enable developer mode. We do tens of thousands - all by human hand. Human would plug in the phone (USB). Human plugs in, PC detects phone at end of gestures on phone. Android phones only (so all operate in the same sequence of gestures). If I were to have a row of robotic arms (say 12 per workbench), each presented with a single mobile phone in a fixed location, could the robotic arm be programmed to repeat the gestures. Gestures are simple touch and swipe. At this stage there is no need to move the phone from its location, but that may be an added benefit. The gestures are currently undertaken by human finger, so same level of accuracy as a normal phone operation.

Handling & Picking application.

Budget: 200k - 500k €

I am looking for my ideal integration partner:

Robotics expertise in-house.

Company size of 10-19 employees, 20-49 employees, or 50-199 employees.

Maximum distance from my location: In my country.


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