Valencia, Spain

Musical instruments

10 - 49 employees

5 Dec 2023

I want to automate my project:

We have a guitar factory where we produce 600 guitars per month. Currently we already have a CNC machine but no robots. We are looking for a robot arm or CNC machine to automate: 1. Cutting (19 high precision cuts, 0.6mm wide and 2mm deep). This is currently done by an analog CNC machine. We have an inhouse programmer for CNC. If all goes smoothly we have future projects: 2. painting 3. polishing, sanding We would prefer to have 1 robot brand for our multiple projects for more efficient service. It is also important to have service in Spain.

Machining application.

Budget: 50k - 100k €

I am looking for my ideal integration partner:

Robotics expertise in-house.

Company size of 1 employee (Freelancer), 2-9 employees, 10-19 employees, or 20-49 employees.

Maximum distance from my location: In my country.



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