New York, USA

12 Dec 2023

I am looking for a product:

I want to request a quote for the Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Q-UGV. V60 Q-UGV GPU Perception+ GPS Package w/ RTK-GNSS Dual IMU and Direct Charge V60 Robot: Ghost Software, IP67, 1,250 WH Battery, Tablet Tele-op Controller, Direct Battery Charger, 360 Sensors (RGB) and Fore & Aft Sensors (TOF), and Radios (WiFi & 4G/LTE), NVIDIA Xavier GPU, RTK GNSS Dual 6"", 3 Sets of Toes, Picatinny Rails, Toolset and Pelican Travel Case per v5 Spec Sheet. V60 1-Year PREMIUM Maintenance + Preventive Care + Software Maintenance. All System Hardware Coverage and Unlimited Software Maintenance. Replacement Swap w/ 5 Bus Days Turnaround after Diagnosis and All Shipping Covered. Annual Factory Preventive Maintenance (every 4,000 hrs, or revised schedule) w/ 10-Day Turnaround. Unlimited Supply of Toes. Specifications: • Quadruped form-factor (4 legs). • Robot weight: 45.4kg (100.1lb), standard configuration. • IP-67 and has 3-hours of run-time on a single charge. • 9kg (20lb) of available payload. • Allows access to low-level controls for research and development. • Supports the integration of lethal and non-lethal payloads. • Up to 1.2m/s (3.9ft/s) walk; 2.2m/s (7.2ft/s) run. • 9.6km (6.0 miles) per charge Li-Ion. • Traverse a range of terrains & substrates including stairs using vision and blind-mode. • Depth and RGB sensors for surround color video or any additional sensor via GMSL2, USB or ethernet.

Product type: Mobile robot.

Budget: /



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