6 Dec 2023

I am looking for a product:

We provide computer vision solutions for logistics. I am looking for a 3D camera to do dimension detection of goods to build into an existing product. We already do 3D extrusion of images using AI, Computer vision and maths in a separate solution and are considering multiple options: - Single camera with a known distance and other relevant information - Stereo camera / 3d camera - Two regular cameras with known configuration Accuracy: - version one is +/- 10% but going for legal for trade the requirements are currently unknown but will be much more accurate because it should be used for invoicing. Integrations: - network access. Potentially rtsp, but we do have the integration capabilities to work with API's Volume: - 1500 cameras next year and 3500 within 5 years

Product type: Vision camera.

Budget: 1500-2000 euros per camera. Lower is better.


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