10 - 49 employees

3 Nov 2023

I want to automate my project:

I have a shipping company. I am looking for a solution that measures item size and weight and sends the data to our system in order to calculate the cost of transportation of my customers' products. Current way of working: - We take the measures with a meter - We measure the weight with an analog scale. - We enter the data manually in our system. I am looking or a solution including: - A 3D camera to measure the dimensions of items - Take pictures and/or videos of the items. - An automatic scale. - Connect the data to my system (directly or through API)

Packaging & Palletizing application.

Budget: Up to 50k €

I am looking for my ideal integration partner:

Vision expertise in-house.

Company size of 1 employee (Freelancer), 2-9 employees, 10-19 employees, or 20-49 employees.

Maximum distance from my location: Worldwide.


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