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Payload 7kg | Reach 911mm
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Hi, I’m small, flexible and can work right by your side. I take care of light (up to 7 kg) but tedious and repetitive, manual tasks that include different types of material handling, which would otherwise consume an immense amount of your time. Depending on your need, I can be programmed to perform entire production flows that require steady and reliable quality levels. These tasks can range from small parts assembly, to highly repetitive tasks such as picking and placing items from one place to another. My long reach of 911 mm makes me the ideal candidate for machine tending and palletizing applications. I do not need to be fenced in, since I have a proven sensor technology integrated in me, which automatically makes me stop after collision with a fixed object or yourself. This not only saves you space, but it also reduces your manufacturing costs. I am compatible with existing FANUC accessories like iRVision. I come in two different sizes – one standard arm and one long arm version - other than that, we are much alike. The benefit of each depends on your needs, as the standard arm is suited better if you have spacing issues, while the long arm can reach further in case your workspace is wider spread.
Payload 5kg | Reach 920mm
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Our fast and precise TX2 industrial robots are the next generation of 6-axis robotic arms. This line of robots provides the ideal combination of speed, rigidity, size and precision. These robots have unique features that make them adaptable to all industries, including sensitive environments.Optional SIL3-PLe safety functionalities allow high productivity while ensuring Man-Machine collaboration.
Payload 5kg | Reach 915mm
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Payload 5kg | Reach 905mm
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Payload 5kg | Reach 924mm
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Payload 3.7kg | Reach 920mm
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TX2touch is the only cobot with the SIL3/PLe safety level. It is highly productive due to the performance, smart connectivity and reliability inherited from TX2 robots and its CS9 controller. The TX2touch is a unique range of cobots designed for safe Man Robot Collaboration while maintaining high productivity.
Payload 4kg | Reach 911mm
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Payload 5kg | Reach 910mm
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Payload 5kg | Reach 902mm
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The CR5SS is the CR5 with Dobot SafeSkin as an add-on feature. DOBOT’s exclusive SafeSkin technology is a wearable non-contacting collision detection product for collaborative robots. With the electromagnetic induction in SafeSkin, the CR collaborative robot series can detect an electromagnetic object quickly within 10ms and immediately stop operating to avoid a collision. After the path has been cleared, CR collaborative robot will automatically resume operation without compromising production automatically.
Payload 14kg | Reach 911mm
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Hi, my name is CR-14iA/L. I'm a special collaborative robot from FANUC that merges the features from my big brother CR-15iA and my smaller brother CR-7iA. I was developed to work safely and efficiently. Thanks to the combination of my reach, payload, and size, I can be used in many fields of applications like loading and unloading machines and other factory automation tasks. I can support you where the space is too tight to use one of my big brothers, but heavy payload and a large reach is however needed. My features and benefits can be used straightforward due to easy programming and thanks to hand guidance for teaching and handling. Despite my green exterior, I operate like any industrial FANUC robot and I am able to reliably repeat the same movement multiple times with a repeatability of ± 0.01 mm.
Payload 5kg | Reach 916mm
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EC66 Specifications

Payload 6 kg
Reach 914 mm
Repeatability 0.03 mm
Number of Axes 6

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