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The six-axis MOTOMAN AR3120 robot combines a unique long reach of 3.124 mm with a payload capability of 20kg, by keeping an excellent repeatability precision of less than +/- 0.07 mm.

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KUKAKR 30 L16-2
Payload 16kg | Reach 3102mm
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Payload 16kg | Reach 3108mm
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With reduced weight and exceptional trajectory control, these robots deliver higher speeds and shorter cycle times. In other words, exactly what your applications demand.
Payload 20kg | Reach 1610mm
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The KUKA KR 20-3 is proud to provide an increased payload while maintaining its excellent versatility. It is suitable for a broad spectrum of applications and industries from handling, automotive, or loading and unloading of a machine, to name a few. It can be mounted on the floor or ceiling to provide added flexibility while using its 20 kg payload and 1610 mm reach. It will be paired with the KR C4 controller.
KUKAKR 60 L16-2 KS
Payload 16kg | Reach 2952mm
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The KR 60 L 16-2 KS is a swift, efficient, and tireless worker that handle up to 16 kg in payload and has a long reach of up to 2952 mm! The KR 60 L 16-2 KS is the perfect solution for any application that requires something that can tackle hard to reach places. It is a shelf mounted, long reach robot that has a slim arm to easily reach into those tight spaces, especially a vehicle body. Once inside the body, this arm can precisely carry out a variety of functions such as the consistent application of adhesives or sealants. It is paired with the KR C4 controller and ready to help provide a consistent, quality tool for those slim spaces!
Payload 20kg | Reach 2582mm
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The M-710iC/20M industrial robot features a slim wrist, rigid arm and small footprint. It has been specifically designed to work in small spaces and is particularly suitable for operations involving arc welding, material handling and sealant application. At 2582 mm, reach is similar to that on the M-710iC/45M. J4 and J6 axis speeds are, however, much higher.
FANUCM-710 Series
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The slim wrist, small footprint robot for medium payloads This innovative series of lightweight robots is designed for handling applications involving medium payloads from 12 to 70 kg. Featuring a slim wrist, rigid arm and small footprint, M-710 series robots are suitable for a wide range of applications and come with a reach of up to 3.1 m. High axis speeds make this series extremely fast. They also boast excellent payload capacities and inertia, with all the models capable of covering a diverse range of applications.
Payload 16kg | Reach 1103mm
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Made specifically for compact work spaces, this highly versatile robot can also be used for top mount applications. Moreover, the enhanced hollow wrist design supports payloads up to 16 kg, which is a significant improvement compared to its predecessors and the best reference in its class.
Payload 20kg | Reach 3110mm
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This innovative series of lightweight robots features a slim wrist, rigid arm and small footprint. High axis speeds make it extremely fast. This particular model will handle lighter payloads within a large operating envelope. It is especially popular for applications such as machine tending, grinding, polishing, deburring, water jet cutting and washing.
Payload 20kg | Reach 3124mm
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The six-axis MOTOMAN AR3120 robot is the perfect candidate for arc welding or cutting jobs which require a very long reach of more than 3 meters - e.g. very large, flat or deep workpieces. It combines precision, world-leading path performance and functionality in a way which made MOTOMAN welding robots superior over the last decades. The AR3120 allows you to achieve optimal welding results even under extremely difficult conditions.
Payload 20kg | Reach 1323mm
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The SDA20F is a dual-arm, 15-axis robot designed with a payload of 20 kg and reach of 1.323 mm per arm, perfect for complex assembly and small part material handling applications. Both arms can work together dramatically simplifying end-of-arm tooling. Designed with patented servo actuators, all cables are routed through the arms. The FS100 is a powerful controller with unmatched open software architecture. Superior dexterity and best-in-class wrist characteristics make slim, dual-arm robot ideally suited for assembly, part transfer, machine tending, packaging and other handling tasks that formerly could only be done by people.
Payload 20kg | Reach 910mm
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The 7-Axis MOTOMAN SIA10F robot model provides a payload of 10 kg and a reach of 720 mm.

GP20HL Specifications

Payload 20 kg
Reach 3.124 mm
Repeatability 0.07 mm
Number of Axes 6
Robot mass 560 kg

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