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Unique in look and performance, the Kuka KR 15 SL KR C2 cleanroom robot is encased in stainless steel. This six-axis robot is well-suited for work with food or pharmaceuticals. With an Ingress Protection rating of 67, the armed KR 15 SL is impervious to dust and protected from liquid immersion between 15 cm and 1m. Sealed plates protect all motorized parts, cabling, and joints of the KR 15 SL. The entire frame of the KR 15 SL KR C2 is pressurized to keep moisture and particles out. The stainless steel exterior also allows for easy cleaning. Well suited for machining, handling, palletizing, pick and place, and cutting applications, the KR 15 SL has a payload of 15 kg. It can be mounted from the floor or ceiling.

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KR 15 SL Specifications

Payload 15 kg
Reach 1503 mm
Repeatability 0.1 mm
Number of Axes 6
Robot mass 315 kg

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