KUKA KR 30-3 CR Pricing & Product Details

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KR 30-3 CR Pricing

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KR 30-3 CR Overview

What is KR 30-3 CR?

This cleanroom robot, the KR 30-3 CR, is a space saver and a great option for manufacturers because of the fist-shaped work envelope. The quick repeatability of the KUKA 30-3 CR KR C4 will speed up productivity for a number of material handling and removal tasks. There KR 30-3 CR KR C4 is also available as the standard KR 30-3 and the KR 30-3 F (foundry). With such versatility, the KUKA 30-3 F KR C4 can find a home in almost any industry.

What are the specifications of KR 30-3 CR?

Payload 30 kg
Reach 2033 mm