KUKA KR 470 PA Pricing & Product Details

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KR 470 PA Pricing

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KR 470 PA Overview

What is KR 470 PA?

Proven reliable, the KUKA KR 470 PA is the answer to your demanding palletizing needs. This arm features a hollow wrist for cable protection and KUKA components for maximum performance. The KR 470 PA KR C2 has a kinematic, low weight, 5-axis design that results in short cycle times and greater productivity. This design makes the KR 470 a perfect fit for high speed palletizingtasks that involve higher payload products. With the extended reach of the KR 470 PA, this model is great to adapt to specific applications or newer tasks, giving it better flexibility and an optimized scope.

What are the specifications of KR 470 PA?

Payload 470 kg
Reach 3150 mm