KUKA KR 500 L340-3 Pricing & Product Details

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KR 500 L340-3 Pricing

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KR 500 L340-3 Overview

What is KR 500 L340-3?

KUKA's KR 500 L340-3 industrial robot arm is part of KUKA's heavy-duty industrial robot series. With a reduced payload capacity of 340 kilograms, an extended reach of 3,326 millimeters gives the KR 500 L340-3 KR C4 robot arm a large work envelope and the ability to automate a wide variety of industrial applications such as material handling, spot welding, and drilling. Although this robot arm's payload and reach are high, the KUKA KR 500 L340-3 KRC4 robot maintains an impressive +/- 0.08 millimeter repeatability.

What are the specifications of KR 500 L340-3?

Payload 340 kg
Reach 3326 mm