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The KUKA KR 60-4 KS is a shelf mounted robot that can carry out many tasks that previously were only accomplished by linear feed systems. The advanced KR 60-4 KS robot can perform a variety of applications, including material handling, order picking, painting, and more! With a 60 kg payload and 2233 mm reach, and the ability to be placed in small spaces, this KUKA KR 60-4 KS is sure to improve your process with ease.

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Payload 60kg | Reach 2233mm
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Payload 60kg | Reach 2258mm
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With reduced weight and exceptional trajectory control, these robots deliver higher speeds and shorter cycle times. In other words, exactly what your applications demand.
Payload 60kg | Reach 2233mm
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The Kuka KR 60 KS is designed to work from a shelf and handle medium payloads. Compact and versatile, this robot has unique features. Its mounting position creates a wide work envelope. The KR 60 KS KR C2 also has a lower base frame, making it well-suited for loading applications. Never limited to one application, the KR 60 KS robot easily adjusts for anything from coating to palletizing and welding processes.
Payload 30kg | Reach 2233mm
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The deeper working envelope of the shelf-mounted KUKA KR 30 KS provides an excellent solution for loading applications. The shorter lifting distances and longer reach, due to the low base frame of the KR 30 KS KR C2, help to reduce cycle times in machine tending tasks.
Payload 30kg | Reach 2233mm
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The KR 30-4 KS-F is a six-axis shelf mounted robot. When compared with the K model, the KS offers a greater depth of working envelope in a downward direction. This robot can tackle up to 30 kg in payload and has a 2233 mm reach. The KR 30-4 KS-F also takes up less space as it has a reduced overall height. This is advantageous for the loading and unloading of injection molder machines. Overall, the long reach, short lifting distances, and low base frame help to reduce the cycle times for machine tendingtasks and provide you with ultimate productivity. It will be paired with the KR C4 controller.
Payload 30kg | Reach 2233mm
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The KR 30-4 KS is a shelf mounted robot that can provide accurate and powerful movements for low to medium payload tasks. It can handle up to 30 kg in payload and has a 2233 mm reach. Also, the KR 30-4 KS has a small footprint which give you space-saving efficiency for conquering a variety of diverse tasks and applications, such as cutting, dispensing, machine tending, and material handling. Shelf mounted robots offer flexibility and more opportunity as they can be integrated into an injection-molding machine, a die-casting machine, or a machine tool. This one is paired with the KR C4 controller and is ready to bring your floor incredible productivity.
FANUCR-1000 iA /80H
Payload 80kg | Reach 2230mm
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With its slim design and small footprint, this model saves precious floor space and is ideally suited to compact cells. And thanks to its speed and 5th axis, it makes a great choice on palletising applications requiring high rates of throughput and maximum reliability.
Payload 80kg | Reach 2230mm
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This robot is a versatile high-speed performer, capable of fast acceleration and improved cycle times on a range of operations including welding, handling and palletising. Its 6 axes provide huge flexibility across a range of applications with standard wrist protection making it capable of working in wet and dusty environments.
FANUCM-710 Series
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The slim wrist, small footprint robot for medium payloads This innovative series of lightweight robots is designed for handling applications involving medium payloads from 12 to 70 kg. Featuring a slim wrist, rigid arm and small footprint, M-710 series robots are suitable for a wide range of applications and come with a reach of up to 3.1 m. High axis speeds make this series extremely fast. They also boast excellent payload capacities and inertia, with all the models capable of covering a diverse range of applications.
Payload 88kg | Reach 2236mm
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The GP88 is a compact 6-axis industrial robot with 88 kg payload, 2236 mm reach and excellent repeatability of +/- 0.03 mm. Equipped to handle high payloads for heavy part processing, the powerful six-axis GP88 robot increases productivity for a wide selection of tasks. While high moment and inertia ratings support large and heavy applications, exceptionally quick axis speeds and acceleration capabilities reduce cycle time. The compact design enables high-density robot placement in workcells. Pre-wired with sognal and pneumatic lines, the high-speed GP88 offers simple installation, easy operation and minimal maintenance for increased production output.
Payload 100kg | Reach 2230mm
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This 6 axis robot has the inherent flexibility to complete any number of challenging jobs. Very fast and capable of realising excellent cycle times, it is particularly suited to a wide range of high-speed spot welding applications. Compact and lightweight, it also saves you space.

KR 60-4 KS Specifications

Payload 60 kg
Reach 2233 mm
Repeatability 0.06 mm
Number of Axes 6
Robot mass 600 kg

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