KUKA KR 60 L16-2 KS Pricing & Product Details

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KR 60 L16-2 KS Pricing

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KR 60 L16-2 KS Overview

What is KR 60 L16-2 KS?

The KR 60 L 16-2 KS is a swift, efficient, and tireless worker that handle up to 16 kg in payload and has a long reach of up to 2952 mm! The KR 60 L 16-2 KS is the perfect solution for any application that requires something that can tackle hard to reach places. It is a shelf mounted, long reach robot that has a slim arm to easily reach into those tight spaces, especially a vehicle body. Once inside the body, this arm can precisely carry out a variety of functions such as the consistent application of adhesives or sealants. It is paired with the KR C4 controller and ready to help provide a consistent, quality tool for those slim spaces!

What are the specifications of KR 60 L16-2 KS?

Payload 16 kg
Reach 2952 mm