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KR 90 R2700 Pro Industrial (Articulated) Robots KUKA


KUKA's KR 90 R2700 QUANTEC Pro offers the latest in compact, high payload Industrial (Articulated) Robots. This floor-mounted, six-axis robot can manipulate up to 90 kg and reach up to 2,700 mm. Although it's a high payload robot, the KUKA KR 90 R2700 Pro robot still maintains an impressive 0.06mm repeatability. The KR90 R2700 KR C4 pro's precise repeatability allows the robot arm to perform handling, welding, packaging, palletizing, and many other industrial applications with precision. The KR 90 R-2700 KR C4 pro's small footprint and reduced size give this robot superior reachability in hard to reach areas, such as corners and other tight spaces. All of KUKA's new QUANTEC Industrial (Articulated) Robots feature the same footprint size and tool dimensions. This allows manufacturers the flexibility to change and upgrade robots and tooling as their needs and applications change.

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The hardworking, versatile Kuka KR 100 HA is easily integrated for any application, from welding to material handling to coating. Available in three different versions; each with a different payload and reach, the 6-axis KR 100 HA KR C2 is an excellent automation solution. Affordable and easily programmed, the Kuka KR 100 HA KR C2 is ideal for any industry.
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With a high payload and wide work envelope, the Kuka KR 180 cuts costs and ups production. The KR 180 KR C2 is a hard-wearing, articulated robot that is suited for many applications, from welding to assembly. With a light cast alloy frame and a simple design, the KR 180 fits in any manufacturing environment. Choose the KR 180 KR C2 to increase your throughput.
KUKAKR 120 R2700 Extra HA
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The extremely compact, 6-axis, KUKA KR 120 R2700 Extra HA robot is ideal for conquering those jobs that require high accuracy and extreme precision. This makes this robot ideal for a variety of applications, including lasers, palletizing, assembly, spot welding, and more! The KUKA KR 120 R2700 features a 120 kg payload and +/-0.05mm repeatability. With reduced interference contours and a slender wrist, the KR 120 R2700 Extra HA robot is very precise and ready to be added to your floor. It will be paired with the KR C4 controller.
KUKAKR 150 R2700 Extra
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Offering a weight savings of over 160 kg, the KUKA KR 150 R2700 Extra offers all the benefits of the standard model, and more! It maintains the same payload of 150 kg and long reach of 2696 mm. It also has an increased sleek design, to help aid in the integration of existing cell layouts with minimal disruption. The KR 150 R2700 Extra is also more robust to easily power through the heavy duty jobs. This KR QUANTEC extra offers your production line better performance with increased rates of precision, energy efficiency, and availability. It is paired with the KR C4 and ready to bring your big job a seamless solution!
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The 6-axis, articulated Kuka KR 150 steps up the challenge of heavy loads. The KR 150 is a highly maneuverable, efficient worker. This robot is flexible and user-friendly, with a Windows interface and light-weight frame. The Kuka KR 150's compact base saves floor space. Its light cast alloy construction is strong, low maintenance, and simple. The KR 150 can use the KR C1 and KR C2 controller.
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The KUKA KR 210 industrial robot arm is a high payload solution for serious industrial applications. With a high payload of 210 kg and a massive reach of 2700 mm, the KR 210 KR C2 robot is ideal for a foundry setting. In fact, a foundry wrist with IP 67 protection is available with the KR 210 KR C2 instead of the standard IP 65 wrist.
Payload 165kg | Reach 2655mm
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The R-2000 range's all-round model, the flexibility offered by this 6 axis high-payload model sets new standards in almost every industry. Equipped with a thin wrist and capable of delivering excellent cycle times, it makes a nimble spot welding robot on automotive and similar applications. It has also been designed to maximise use of space and enable it to work in close proximity to other robots.
FANUCM-710 Series
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The slim wrist, small footprint robot for medium payloads This innovative series of lightweight robots is designed for handling applications involving medium payloads from 12 to 70 kg. Featuring a slim wrist, rigid arm and small footprint, M-710 series robots are suitable for a wide range of applications and come with a reach of up to 3.1 m. High axis speeds make this series extremely fast. They also boast excellent payload capacities and inertia, with all the models capable of covering a diverse range of applications.
Payload 180kg | Reach 2702mm
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The MOTOMAN GP180 handling robot provides a payload of 180 kg and a maximum reach of 2,702 mm, combined with an excellent repeatability precision of +/- 0,05 mm.
Payload 15kg | Reach 2700mm
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The MOTOMAN MPX3500 (ATEX conformity) is a Painting robot with a reach of 2.700 mm (floor mounted) respective 3.500 mm (wall mounted), designed primarily for Car Body Exterior & Interior Painting in the Automotive Industry. Manipulator Body and process arm provide good mounting space even for large dosing and applicator technology, supporting several paint application technology suppliers. L-Axis and robot base provide different mounting and cable inlet options to place the robot closer to the object, thus minimizing the footprint of the paint booth. Manipulator and Teach Pendant are available for ATEXT Cat 2 or 3 Standards.
Payload 100kg | Reach 2605mm
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Featuring 100kg payload, this model is ideally suited to any number of heavy handling jobs on almost any application. Its hollow arm design allows completely internal cable routing by easy accessibility of the integrated process cables for an independent exchange due to wide open maintenance slots. The installation area was reduced by 23 % compared to the R-2000iC models. Its compact shape and design make integration really easy and the integrated process cable routing shows its big advantage during offline simulation due to fully eliminated interference contours of the cables.

KR 90 R2700 Pro Specifications

Payload 90 kg
Reach 2700 mm
Repeatability 0.06 mm
Number of Axes 6
Robot mass 1098 kg

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