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The slim wrist, small footprint robot for medium payloads This innovative series of lightweight robots is designed for handling applications involving medium payloads from 12 to 70 kg. Featuring a slim wrist, rigid arm and small footprint, M-710 series robots are suitable for a wide range of applications and come with a reach of up to 3.1 m. High axis speeds make this series extremely fast. They also boast excellent payload capacities and inertia, with all the models capable of covering a diverse range of applications.

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OMRONViper 17201-38000
Payload 5kg | Reach 855mm
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Articulated robot for machining, assembly, and material handling
Payload 50kg | Reach 2061mm
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The MOTOMAN GP50 is a highly versatile 6-axis industrial robot with 50 kg payload, 2.051 mm reach, and an outstanding repeatability of +/- 0.03 mm.
Payload 280kg | Reach 2446mm
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The MOTOMAN GP280 handling robot provides a high payload capability of 280 kg and a compact reach of 2,446 mm, combined with an excellent repeatability precision of +/- 0,05 mm.
Payload 25kg | Reach 1730mm
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The GP25 is a highly versatile 6-axis industrial robot with 25 kg payload, 1730 mm reach and an outstanding repeatability of +/- 0.02 mm.
Payload 50kg | Reach 2038mm
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The MOTOMAN MC2000II has a payload of 50 kg and a reach of 2,038 mm.
Payload 215kg | Reach 2912mm
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The MOTOMAN GP215 handling robot provides a payload of 215 kg and a maximum reach of 2,912 mm, combined with an excellent repeatability precision of +/- 0,05 mm.
Payload 10kg | Reach 720mm
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The MOTOMAN CSDA10F has a payload of 10 kg and reach of 835 mm per arm, and is designed for laboratory use.
Payload 400kg | Reach 3518mm
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The shelf-mounted MOTOMAN GP400R robot provides an impressive combination of 400 kg payload and 3.5 m reach, with an outstanding repeatability precision of better than +/- 0.1 mm. As being a shelf-type robot, the motion range is extended for working below the robot base level, allowing to the robot to be installed on a raised steel structure to save floor space.
Payload 2kg | Reach 900mm
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The MOTOMAN MPK2F is a 5-axis robot with a payload of 2 kg and a reach of 900 mm - a real high speed picker with a productivity in the region of up to 2 picks per second, for superior performance in food handling, pick&place and pick&pack applications in end-of-line packaging and consumer good logistics. With it's washdown paintwork, the MPK2F has been designed especially for use in food, medical and life sciences industries and environments with strict cleanliness environments.
FANUCLR Mate 200iD/4S
Payload 4kg | Reach 550mm
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Extremely compact, this 6 axis short arm robot has been designed for confined spaces and compact machines. Easy to integrate, this model is also available with a range of options including integrated intelligent (vision & force) functionality, and special application packages.
Payload 100kg | Reach 2230mm
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This 6 axis robot has the inherent flexibility to complete any number of challenging jobs. Very fast and capable of realising excellent cycle times, it is particularly suited to a wide range of high-speed spot welding applications. Compact and lightweight, it also saves you space.

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