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MIRAI controller Pricing

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MIRAI controller Overview

What is MIRAI controller?

With MIRAI, industrial robots can handle variance in position, shape, or movement in the workspace. Using artificial intelligence, the MIRAI controller generates robot movements directly and in real-time, as opposed to outputting individual measurements. MIRAI can be used for multiple steps within a task. It can also be flexibly retrained for new tasks.

Skills are not programmed but trained through human demonstration in a few days — no knowledge of programming or AI necessary. To train a robot, a human performs repeated demonstrations of a task by manually guiding the robot by the robot’s wrist. The movements are recorded by a nearby camera and a force torque sensor and are then transformed into a MIRAI skill.

MIRAI Benefits:

Variance Handling: Industrial robots with MIRAI are able to deal with variance in a workspace, performing tasks that would be very hard or impossible to hand-engineer.

Application Flexibility: Because MIRAI-enabled robots learn many tasks, they can be trained and retrained for various process steps.

Cost Effectiveness: MIRAI is a cost-effective solution for highly complex tasks. Expensive, special-purpose systems are not necessary anymore.

Easy Deployment: Customers can quickly and easily train or retrain robot movements by themselves in just a few days. No knowledge of programming or AI is required.

What applications is MIRAI controller product best for?

MIRAI Application Areas: Assembly, Handling, Machine Tending, Quality Inspection, Dispensing...