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The NV06L is suitable for virtually all GMAW, GTAW, and PAC applications and designed to withstand harsh production environments typical of welding applications. Long arm model extends reach for large weldments and fixtures. When combined with one of OTC's industry leading advanced inverter welding power supplies the NV06 sets the industry standard for weld quality and ease of use. Easily join materials including mild steel, high strength steels, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and many more exotic materials.

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By choosing the KUKA KR 16 L8-3 Arc HW, manufacturers are receiving a powerful, precise arc welder that is flexible enough to perform several other applications. Along with increasing productivity and producing superior quality welds, the KR 18 L8 Arc KR C4 will also perform material handling and material removal operations like assembly and cuttingprocesses. With the hollow wrist in-arm cable routing, the amount of wear and tear is minimized, lowering maintenance costs.
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Ideally suited for working in compact robotic cells, the slimline M-10iD/8L occupies a small footprint and can be installed upside down or angle mounted for even more flexibility. For easy and reliable routing of sensor or camera cables, air pipes and other utilities, services are routed through the robot’s hollow arm, wrist and body.
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Extend your workspace with the KUKA KR 60 JET gantry robot. With the ideal combination of linear and jointed-arm, this system provides two big advantages. First, the work envelope is radically widened as the Kuka KR 60 KR C2 can travel back and forth on a custom length track. Second, this extremely fast Kuka KR 60 JET robot system features a traversing velocity of up to 3.2 meters per second. The KR 60 JET KR C2 robot line can be installed in both inverted and side-mounted positions. The overall weight of the Kuka KR 60 JET arm is reduced as a result of eliminating axis 1. This results in optimal accelerations and higher working velocities. Shorter cycle times result in greater productivity.
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The KR 30 JET robot system is light weight and extremely fast. It has a linear axis, jointed-arm and JET TRACK axis module that helps to free up valuable floor space. The robot knee can be mounted overhead or on the wall, providing optimum axial symmetry to ensure the robot's reach, deep into machines. The modular structure of the KR 30 JET enables execution of the individual user and task-specific program sequences. Up to two robots can be deployed on the JET traversing axis, making it possible to tend several machines or positions at the same time to further optimize the production process. There is a wide range of gantry variants and a specially adapted linear unit to ensure speed and workspace are maximized. This system can be easily adapted to your current needs because of the overhead or side mounting options. The KR 30 JET has a 0.07 mm repeatability, a 1682.5 mm reach, and can cover distances of up to 30 meters. It can take parts out of machines from above with speed, precision, and high repeatability. This robot is paired with the KR C2 controller.
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The 2-axis KR 50 PA is designed solely for palletizing and order picking applications. Fast, efficient, and affordable, the KR 50 robot transforms material handling for any industry. This Kuka model is floor-mounted and capable of a 1991 mm reach and 50 kg payload. It is easily customized to fit specific products. The Kuka KR 50 KR C2 also has modular construction allows for even more modifications.
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The six-axis MOTOMAN AR2010 is perfect for robotic arc welding, cutting and other path-related applications. It combines precision, performance and functionality in a way which made MOTOMAN welding robots superior over the last decades. The AR2010 allows you to achieve optimal welding results even under extremely difficult conditions.
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The MOTOMAN MPX2600 painting robot provides a payload of 15 kg, and another 20kg payload capability on the U-Arm, which enables mounting of a large variety of guns and large bells on this medium-sized robot. The smooth arm design with a large hollow diameter is optimal for tubing and can prevent interferences among paint and air tubes.
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For extended reach and through-arm design, the NB04L is the best in class solution from Nachi. Similar to the NB04 robot, the NB04L offers through-arm coaxial power cable design to give you maximum mobility in tight work spaces and complicated fixtures. Through arm cabling improves wire feeding and prevents snags with peripheral objects, providing better weld quality and increased productivity.

NV6L Specifications

Payload 6 kg
Reach 2006 mm
Robot mass 6 kg

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