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R-2000iC/165R Industrial (Articulated) Robots FANUC


This rack-mounted model is ideal for increasing your productivity on shelf installations such as press, CNC machining and other machine tending applications. Its huge work envelope also means that it provides maximum flexibility on loading and unloading operations. As well as adding versatility to the robot, rack mounting also saves you valuable floor space.

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The R-2000iC/210L industrial robot is the successor to the R-2000iB/185L. Lifting an additional 25 kg, the robot also offers improved rigidity, enhanced wrist load moment and inertia. The R-2000iC/210L is ideally suited to automotive applications such as spot welding. Its relatively small footprint means it easily fits into crowded factory environments.
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With a maximum reach of 3,150 mm, the RS015X model has the longest reach of the R series robots, which are setting the benchmark for all small to medium duty Industrial (Articulated) Robots. The compact design, along with industry leading speed, reach and work range make the R series robots ideal for a wide range of applications throughout a multitude of diverse industries.

R-2000iC/165R Specifications

Payload 165 kg
Reach 3095 mm
Number of Axes 6

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