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The R series robots are setting the benchmark for all small to medium duty Industrial (Articulated) Robots. The compact design, along with industry leading speed, reach and work range make the R series robots ideal for a wide range of applications throughout a multitude of diverse industries.

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FANUCLR Mate 200iD/14L
Payload 14kg | Reach 911mm
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An enhanced, compact mechanical construction allows the highest payload of the LR Mate series. Offering an exceptional weight-payload ratio with a weight of 27 kg and payload of 14 kg, this model is ideal for compact robot cells, production lines and installation directly into or onto machines. With its very high moment and inertia at wrist it is the perfect solution for high productivity handling, loading & unloading and assembly applications.
FANUCLR Mate 200iD/7LC
Payload 7kg | Reach 911mm
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The clean room high-performer for manufacturing and lab applications, this 6 axis version provides extra versatility thanks to increased reach. Like all LR Mate robots, it is also available with a range of options including integrated intelligent (vision & force) functionality and special application packages.
FANUCLR Mate 200iD/7L
Payload 7kg | Reach 911mm
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Fast at handling small payloads, this compact multi-purpose industrial robot offers an enhanced reach. Like all LR Mate robots, it is also available with a range of options including integrated intelligent (vision & force) functionality, special application packages and standard IP67 protection.
Payload 7kg | Reach 911mm
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Equipped with added reach, this latest generation ARC Mate 50iD/7L model is a rugged all-rounder that will maintain high quality standards in harsh working environments.
FANUCM-710 Series
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The slim wrist, small footprint robot for medium payloads This innovative series of lightweight robots is designed for handling applications involving medium payloads from 12 to 70 kg. Featuring a slim wrist, rigid arm and small footprint, M-710 series robots are suitable for a wide range of applications and come with a reach of up to 3.1 m. High axis speeds make this series extremely fast. They also boast excellent payload capacities and inertia, with all the models capable of covering a diverse range of applications.
Payload 7kg | Reach 927mm
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The GP7 FGG is a compact and agile 6-axis robot with 7 kg payload, 927 mm reach and outstanding repeatability of +/- 0.01 mm.
Payload 7kg | Reach 927mm
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The MOTOMAN GP7, one of our most successful robot models ever, is an extremely agile, compact and universal robot with 7 kg payload, 927 mm reach and superior repeatability of +/- 0.01 mm. Our customers appreciate the performance of the GP7 for use in all kinds of applications, e.g. handling, assembly, pick&place (often in combination with 3D machine vision) and quality inspection.
Payload 7kg | Reach 927mm
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The compact MOTOMAN AR900 arc welding robot provides high path accuracy and great stability.
Payload 20kg | Reach 910mm
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The 7-Axis MOTOMAN SIA10F robot model provides a payload of 10 kg and a reach of 720 mm.
Payload 70kg | Reach 912mm
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The MZ07 robot series features ultra high-speed motion capability with advanced through-arm dress capabilities to simplify routing of hoses and cables for material handling, assembly, vision and many other applications. Through arm cabling minimizes interference and potential snags with peripheral objects in your work cell, helping to protect pneumatic and signal cables from damage. Boasting an IP67 rating, the MZ07 robot is the fastest in class with unmatched 0.31 second cycle time in standardized speed testing, leading all competitors’ robots. Flexible mounting solutions allow the MZ07 to be floor, wall, or invert mounted to better suit customers’ needs for any given application. In addition to being the world’s fastest articulated robot, the MZ07 offers the largest working envelope in its class at 723mm with an impressive repeatability of ±0.02mm. The MZ07L extends the usable work space up to 912mm. The MZ07 and MZ07L offer full 6-axis articulation while the MZ07P and MZ07LP are specially designed for palletizing applications featuring a 5 axis design to simplify teaching palletizing routines by eliminating the J4 axis. In addition to Nachi’s comprehensive robot lineup, the MZ07 builds on the great heritage of large payload robots by providing an extremely versatile small robot with top of the line capabilities.
Payload 50kg | Reach 903mm
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Kawasaki arc welding robots use state-of-the-art technology to rival the quality of a skilled human welder. The RA005L robot has a short reach and is suitable for welding small workpieces.

RS007L Specifications

Payload 7 kg
Reach 930 mm
Repeatability 0.03 mm
Number of Axes 6
Robot mass 36 kg
Extra info Wrist : IP67 equivalent / Base axis : IP65 equivalent

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