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Nearly 20 years ago, Nachi was the pioneer of servo gun technology for spot welding. Today, Nachi continues to lead the industry in development of advanced robotic spot welding solutions, focused on making higher quality welds more quickly than in the past. Specifically designed for the fast paced automotive industry, SRA series robots will dramatically reduce cycle times, significantly improve productivity, and achieve cost reductions…achieve more with less robots! In your business “Time is Money”, make the most of your money with the fastest robots available. Compare the Nachi SRA series against any competitor to see how much valuable time and money you can save with an SRA robot.

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Payload 450kg | Reach 2703mm
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When performance matters. We deliver the power to drive your automation while ensuring energy savings, costs reduction and higher productivity. Need we say more?
Payload 650kg | Reach 2703mm
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When performance matters. We deliver the power to drive your automation while ensuring energy savings, costs reduction and higher productivity. Need we say more?
Payload 360kg | Reach 2826mm
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The KUKA KR 360 is a heavy duty robot with a lot of options! This Kuka KR 360 KR C2 arm has a generous payload of 360 kg and a long reach of 2826 mm. The KR 360 Kuka robot can be floor or ceiling mounted to allow for effective use of existing floorspace. A foundry version of the KR 360 KR C2 is available for volatile conditions. These variants are heat and water resistant. The Kuka KR 360 heavy duty robot is highly adaptable to cleanroom use and other ambient conditions.
Payload 600kg | Reach 2826mm
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The new generation of robots, to include the KUKA KR 600 FORTEC, brings an improved, streamlined design to the production floor and an overall improved performance. The hole patterns on the mounting flange on the wrist and for fastening the robot to the floor, for the KR 600 FORTEC, and its predecessor models, are all the same. This is important as they were designed to provide an easy addition for existing cell layouts. This heavy duty robot offers a huge working envelope (2826 mm), a considerable length of the reference load center distances, and is also available as a foundry version.
Payload 500kg | Reach 2826mm
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The KR 500 FORTEC is proud to seamlessly offer great amounts of strength to complete a variety of heavy duty tasks. It's new streamlined design can easily tackle a variety of heavy duty tasks, ranging from cutting, to assembly, to material handling, to spot welding! The KR 500 FORTEC has proven technology, paired with the KR C4, to help achieve even greater versatility. Additionally, it provides a larger work envelope and length of the reference load center distances and the same hole patterns for mounting to help ease the integration into existing cell layouts. There are a few variants of the KR 500 to enable greater flexibility for the range of heavy duty tasks it can complete. Most are also available as a found-version, if necessary. The KR 500 R2830 is the standard model; it has a 500 kg payload and 2826 mm reach. The KR 420 R3080 has a 420 kg payload and up to 3076 mm reach. The KR 340 R3330 can tackle up to 340 kg and handle a reach of 3326 mm. The KR 500 R2830 MT (Machine Tooling) robot variant is used for heavy-duty milling applications; it can be used as a machine tool with an integrated milling spindle. It has a 500 kg payload and 2826 mm reach. The KR 480 R3330 MT is just like the aforementioned version, but with a 480 kg payload and a longer reach of 3326 mm.
Payload 500kg | Reach 2836mm
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The KUKA KR 500 robot arm is a heavy-duty industrial robot arm with a high payload and large work envelope. The Kuka heavy duty KR 500 KR C2 has enhanced features such as an extension of the reference load center distance, integrated energy supply, and a more efficient use of floorspace. The KUKA KR 500 KR C2 is available as a ceiling-mounted arm, cleanroom arm, foundry arm, and ceiling-mounted foundry arm.
Payload 360kg | Reach 2826mm
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When your job requires a heavy duty worker, look no further than the KUKA KR 360 FORTEC. This robot takes pride in its strength, fortitude, and proven technology, completing a variety of heavy duty tasks with grace and ease. For instance, in the automotive industry, the KR 360 FORTEC make heavy loads, such as welding guns, look easy. It can handle up to 360 kg, has a 2826 mm reach, and is paired with the advanced KR C4 controller to deliver the very best heavy duty handling out there! Additionally, this robot can be easily integrated into existing layouts with their hole mounting pattern designs. The KUKA KR 360 FORTEC comes in a few variants to better cater to your specific automationneeds. Most all are also available as foundry-versions. These variants include: The KUKA KR 360 R3080: Payload – 360 kg Reach – 3080 mm The KUKA KR 240 R3330: Payload – 240 kg Reach – 3330 mm It is easy to see why the KR 360 FORTECT is the perfect robot to remain flexible for the needs of a wide range of applications, such as assembly, cutting, material handling, and spot welding. No matter your heavy duty needs, the KR 360 FORTEC and it's variants are ready to answer the call.
FANUCM-710 Series
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The slim wrist, small footprint robot for medium payloads This innovative series of lightweight robots is designed for handling applications involving medium payloads from 12 to 70 kg. Featuring a slim wrist, rigid arm and small footprint, M-710 series robots are suitable for a wide range of applications and come with a reach of up to 3.1 m. High axis speeds make this series extremely fast. They also boast excellent payload capacities and inertia, with all the models capable of covering a diverse range of applications.
Payload 700kg | Reach 2832mm
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This 6 axis model is a big lifter that also benefits from a generous work envelope. Capable of handing up to 700 kg, it is perfectly cut out for the kind of heavy loading, unloading and tending applications found in the metal, automotive and construction industries. Its inherent rigidity also makes it ideally suited to constant force applications.
Payload 250kg | Reach 2710mm
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The MOTOMAN GP250 handling robot provides a payload of 250 kg and a maximum reach of 2,710 mm, combined with an excellent repeatability precision of +/- 0,05 mm.
Payload 2500kg | Reach 2812mm
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The BX250L high-speed spot welding robot features a hollow wrist for housing cables and hoses, a longer reach with wide motion range, and a higher payload capacity.

SRA250 Specifications

Payload 250 kg
Reach 2792 mm
Robot mass 250 kg

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