ABB SWIFTI CRB 1100/0.58 Pricing & Product Details

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SWIFTI CRB 1100/0.58 Pricing

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SWIFTI CRB 1100/0.58 Overview

What is SWIFTI CRB 1100/0.58?

A lightning-fast cobot that combines industrial-level performance and innovative safety. SWIFTI gets the job done faster and more accurately than you can imagine.

SWIFTI bridges the gap between collaborative and industrial robots. It enables proven safe collaborative operation to be achieved, even in applications that demand industrial-level speed and lifting capabilities.

What applications is SWIFTI CRB 1100/0.58 product best for?

  • With a TCP speed of over 5 m/s, it is 5 times faster than other cobots in its class
  • Up to 10 times higher position repeatability 0.01 mm than most cobots in its class
  • SafeMove + SICK laser scanner included

What are the specifications of SWIFTI CRB 1100/0.58?

Payload 4 kg
Reach 580 mm