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18 Apr 2024

I want to automate my project:

I am making a new design of test equipment using cobots. Currently, the application is life testing air fryers but our customer wants versatility to be able to test other products in the future. We need to be able to operate dials, switches, touch screens, drawers, doors, and slides to name a few. It will be going in a lab environment with other equipment, likely in the same enclosed area. With it life testing products it needs to be durable, lasting 10's of millions of cycles. It needs to be easy to program/operate, idealy with a zero torque mode for 'show me tell me' programing. Also, it will Ideally cost less than £25,000 per cobot but I have different setups for the system that could reduce cost over 3 bays. I am currently comparing all the following brands: IGUS KUKA FANUC OMRON VISUAL COMPONENTS ABB MITSUBISHI COMAU DOOSAN EPSON HYUNDAI KASSOW KAWASAKI UNIVERSAL ROBOTS YASKAWA MYCOBOT / ELEPHANT ROBOTICS JAKA AUTOMATA DOBOT ASTEK DENSO

Budget: £25,000 per cobot


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