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- Loïs GLEIZES, Process Industrialization Manager at Radiall -


The Price Range of Robot Grippers

Choosing the right gripper is like picking the perfect tool for an application. It’s not just about grabbing or holding; it’s about precision, efficiency, and making sure your robots can handle whatever task you throw at them. With options ranging from soft silicone to sturdy metal, the price tags can vary widely.  But don’t worry, ...


10 Benefits of Using Cobot Polishing & Grinding

Polishing and grinding cobots are smart robots making polishing and grinding applications smoother, safer, and way more efficient. Plus, they’re all about keeping your team safe and cutting down on costs. In a nutshell, cobot polishing and grinding are your ticket to upping your production line’s game without the headache. Let’s dive into the top ...


The Price of 3D Vision Technology

3D vision technology is a game-changer, especially if you’re looking to boost your manufacturing line’s efficiency. Understanding the costs involved is crucial for making smart investment decisions.  Whether you’re exploring options for quality control, robotics, or precise measurements, the price tag can vary widely. With 86 different 3D vision systems listed on, finding the ...


The Cost of an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR):

Exploring Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for your warehouse? You’re not alone. AMRs are changing the game in automation, helping with everything from carrying goods to keeping tabs on your inventory. But let’s talk about what matters most to you: cost. What will an AMR set you back? We’re here to help you understand the price ...