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"I would like to hear the honest opinion of my customers. That's why I think there is a lot of value in a review site like Qviro."

- Andie Zhang, Global Product Manager Robotics at ABB -


UR Series vs. Fanuc CRX: Cobot Showdown

Choosing the right cobot can revolutionize your production line. You’ve got two top contenders: FANUC’s CRX-Series and Universal Robots’ UR Series. Which one will best suit your needs? If you’re drawn to simplicity and user-friendliness, the CRX-Series might catch your eye. Or, if flexibility and ease are what you’re after, the UR Series could be ...


What is an Industrial Robot?

Thinking about boosting your production line? Industrial robots are key. These machines are more than tools; they’re game-changers in making work faster, better, and safer. Forget the old days of all manual work. Today, robots add a new level of smarts and power to manufacturing, from autos to snacks. If staying ahead matters to you, ...


Top 10 Robotics Landing Pages for Success

In the robotic industry, your landing page is key to turning visitors into buyers. This guide shows you how. You’ll discover the top strategies from the industry’s best-performing pages. We’ll cover everything from clear, direct calls-to-action to designs that grab attention. Simple and effective, these tips are designed for you, whether you’re new or experienced. ...


5 Tips for PPC in Industrial Automation Success

Stepping into digital ads can transform your business in industrial automation and robotics. With the right Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy, you’re not just spending money; you’re investing in reaching the right people. PPC puts your brand where it matters most, in front of your ideal customers like engineers and industrial buyers. It’s about getting noticed online, ...

" I wish Qviro existed in 2015 when I was project manager for a cobot project. I did online research, visited trade fairs, talked to people in my network, and had meetings with suppliers. It took 70% of my time for 6 months just to benchmark and evaluate what cobot to choose. I wrote a review so other people don’t need to go through that process. "

- Loïs GLEIZES, Process Industrialization Manager at Radiall -

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