Pickit 3D


Pickit 3D is a leading provider of flexible and smart 3D robot vision solutions. The Pickit3D Vision Solution adds unparalleled flexibility and intelligence to challenging production and logistic processes, by leveraging the power of 3D Vision and robotics. It allows manufacturers worldwide to speed up time-to-market, gain control over costs, reduce the factory footprint and add value to the human operator role. Easy-to-use, the Pickit3D Vision Solution includes certified hardware, a robust and open technology platform and a comprehensive range of services.

Products from Pickit 3D

Guide your robot with Pickit 3D vision systems. PickIt is an ambitious scale-up company from Leuven that has made it its mission to give eyes to robots by developing a 3D camera and accompanying software. Applications range from pick and place tasks to unloading pallets and from small to large components.