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GoFa 5 Overview

What is GoFa 5?

ABB GoFa 5 is a cutting-edge collaborative robot designed to work seamlessly alongside human workers, providing maximum flexibility, efficiency, and safety in industrial automation environments. One of its standout features is the ability to operate safely without the need for bulky barriers or fencing, allowing it to share the workspace with human workers directly. This capability streamlines production processes and ensures that robots and humans can collaborate on the same tasks without compromising productivity or safety.

The GoFa 5 is engineered with precision and power, boasting a class-leading reach of 950mm, which allows it to access a wide range of work areas. Additionally, it has an impressive payload capacity of up to 5kg, making it suitable for handling demanding and repetitive tasks that would typically require considerable human effort. Whether it's assembly, material handling, or intricate manufacturing processes, GoFa 5 is up to the challenge.

Safety is paramount in collaborative robotics, and the GoFa 5 incorporates intelligent sensors in every joint. These sensors are designed to detect any potential contact with humans or objects in its path. In the event of a collision, the robot's sensors actuate within milliseconds to stop its movement, preventing any harm or damage. This safety feature ensures that human workers can operate confidently alongside the GoFa 5, knowing that any accidental contact will be immediately detected and halted.

Speed is another area where the GoFa 5 excels. With a top speed of 2.2m/s, it outpaces many other cobots in its class. This swift movement allows for efficient and timely completion of tasks, contributing to increased productivity in industrial settings. However, the high speed is complemented by excellent position repeatability and superior motion control from ABB. These precise control features ensure that the robot can perform its tasks with accuracy and consistency, critical for tasks that demand precision and attention to detail.

In addition to its exceptional capabilities, the GoFa 5 possesses specialized features that make it a unique option for various industrial automation applications. One of its lesser-known strengths is its tolerance for extreme temperatures. This ability allows the robot to operate reliably in environments with high heat or cold, expanding its usability in a wider range of industries and settings.

What applications is GoFa 5 product best for?

  • With a TCP speed of up to 2.2 m/s, GoFa is faster than other cobots in its class
  • 12% longer reach than comparable 5kg cobots, 950mm
  • Smooth and responsive lead through in auto mode, best-in-class

What are the specifications of GoFa 5?

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GoFa Reviews

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    4.5/5 (9)

Shrinkhala Singh

Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI)

Jan 17, 2024

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  • 2022
The robot working is highly agile and fast moving. It improves the work output and increase the overall productivity. Less time consuming and brings efficiency in work output. It is easy to operate and works seamlessly without any trouble at all.

Verified user

Jun 13, 2023

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  • 2022
We do research on the human-robot interaction field (HRI). This robot is used as an instrument of research, more specifically to evaluate how people with little to no experience in robotics perform operating industrial robots.
The robot is reliable and easy to use (for an experienced engineer). Compared to our other brand in our laboratory (UR), I prefer this robot for most of our tasks. ABB's support is also great, and they usually help us when we need it (including maintenance and software-related questions).
I believe there is much to be improved on the software side of this robot. The operating system is too simple, and its features are limited. I would also like to see more APIs from ABB, giving the robot's owner more freedom to do whatever they think is appropriate (following the safety standards). For an end-user (i.e., someone without experience in robotics), their block-based language is a great advance compared to RAPID, but not a final solution.

GoFa Use-Cases

Fine foods packing plant uses ABB cobots to keep ahead of competition

ABB GoFa™ cobot loads 1kg of bagged nuts into a carton. Working alongside employees, they match the speed of the bagging line, while ensuring staff can avoid heavy lifting.

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Bin Picking and Packaging Application with Collaborative Robot GoFa 5

A manufacturing company sought to optimize its bin picking and packaging process. The company needed a solution that could handle various parts efficiently and accurately. By incorporating the GoFa 5 collaborative robot, the company aimed to enhance productivity and reduce manual labor.

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