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  • igus ReBeL
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Payload 6kg | Reach 700mm

The TM5-700 is one of Techman Robot’s most compact cobot. Easily integrated into any production line, designed with a built-in vision system specifically for flexible production needs required by small parts assembly, and production processes in consumer electronics and consumer goods. The cobot’s size is also quick to deploy and easy to fit into existing factory environments.

The TM5-700 offers great versatility for small to medium-sized businesses.

igus ReBeL
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Payload 2kg | Reach 600mm

With the ReBeL series, igus® introduces for the first time low-cost robotics strain wave gears at HMI 2018, with which 6 DOF robots, i.e. with six axes, can be implemented. This prototype was created in collaboration with the company Commonplace Robotics GmbH and is fundamentally different to the previous robolink® joints: Instead of stepper motors, light, brushless direct current motors (BLDC motors), which already belong to the state of the art in service robotics, are used.