Elephant Robotics


Elephant Robotics is a technology firm specializing in the design and production of robotics, development and applications of operating system and intelligent manufacturing services in industry, commerce, education, scientific research, home and etc. On mission to "Enjoy Robots World", Elephant Robot has independently developed robot products including bionic robots (MarsCat/metaCat), consumer collaborative robots (myCobot/myPalletizer/myAGV/mechArm robotic arms), professional collaborative robots (P/C/myCobot Pro robot arm and joints module). The collaborative robots manufactured by Elephant Robotics have been sold to Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, Italy, Greece and other countries. Under the harsh verification of real working conditions in the companies from the Fortune 500 Companies, the smart solutions and product quality of Elephant Robotics have been unanimously recognized and praised.

Products from Elephant Robotics