Top 5 Budget Friendly Cobot Alternatives 2023

Discover the top 5 affordable cobot alternatives for 2023 that will revolutionise your business.

In this article, we’ll look at five budget-friendly Cobot alternatives for 2023 that offer quality without putting a strain on your budget.

Exploring Cobots’ Functions:

Cobots are smart because they combine human thinking with automation. They’re really good at doing precise and repetitive tasks, and they work together with people to make work more productive. These robots are essential for reducing mistakes and making workplaces safer.

Their Role in Automation:

Cobots are crucial for making production faster, decreasing mistakes, and keeping workplaces safe. They excel at jobs like putting things together and moving materials, so they’re handy in many industries. If you want to learn more about these robots and their costs, you can read the article ‘How Much Does a Cobot Cost.’

Cost of Cobots:

Cobots offer clear benefits, but their price can concern many businesses. The good news is there are low-cost options that offer similar advantages. So, let’s look at five of these budget-friendly choices.

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Cobot Options for 2023:

1. Elephant Robotics myCobot 320

The myCobot 320 series is designed for education and scientific research. It has two interesting choices. The M5 version is a low-cost robotic arm with six axes, capable of lifting 1 kg, and a user-friendly interface. It costs just $2,399. The Pi version, powered by Raspberry Pi, is flexible, portable, and can be adjusted for different educational and research purposes.

2. Dorna Robotics’ 2 Series

The Dorna 2 Series has sturdy and easy-to-use robotic arms made for industrial automation. They’re perfect for fast pick-and-place tasks, lab work, and assembling things. The basic Dorna 2 can hold 1.5 kg, reach 500 mm, and is controlled using web-based software.

An upgraded version, the Dorna 2S, can lift 2 kg, moves really fast at 1200 mm/sec, has advanced safety features, and more powerful motors. It’s versatile and simple to use for a variety of industrial automation jobs, and it’s priced at just $5,990.

3. Han’s Robots Elfin Series

The Han’s Robots Elfin series provides 6-axis collaborative robots for different industries. What sets them apart is their dual-joint module design, which increases flexibility and avoids limitations. They are nearly as flexible as 7-DOF robots, which is remarkable. These robots use their own components, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for complex tasks. Among them, the Elfin E15 is notable, priced at $29,500.

4. Doosan’s H Series

Meet the Doosan H-SERIES, long reach of 1,700 mm and can lift a heavy 20 kg. Surprisingly, it’s light, weighing only 75 kg, which makes it easy to install and move.

It’s very flexible with six torque sensors on all its parts, which makes it ideal for various tasks, especially in industries like logistics and automotive, where precision and heavy lifting are important. Safety is a priority with advanced collision sensitivity. It’s also easy to adapt and add to your current work processes through its user-friendly programming interface. It’s designed to handle extreme temperatures, making it a good choice for tough industrial automation tasks.

5. Igus’s ReBel

Igus’ ReBeL is a money-saving option when compared to more expensive robots like Universal Robots. It was first introduced at HMI 2018. The ReBeL series adopts an economical approach by using affordable strain wave gears. This approach allows the creation of 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) robots with six axes. Instead of the older-style stepper motors, ReBeL uses modern brushless direct current motors (BLDC motors), staying in line with the latest advancements in service robotics.

This technology change makes ReBeL versatile and budget-friendly for anyone looking for cost-effective robot solutions.

Choosing the Right Cobot for You:

When choosing a Cobot alternative for your business, it’s crucial to consider your business needs, the tasks the Cobot will perform, and the support and warranty offered by the vendor. By thinking about these factors carefully, you can ensure you pick the best Cobot that suits your operational needs.


In 2023, you can find affordable Cobots that maintain quality. By carefully considering your options and your business needs, you can make good use of automation. These reasonably priced choices allow businesses of all sizes to enjoy the advantages of Cobots and boost productivity.


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