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What is IoT in Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or 4IR, is a big change [...]

What are Cobot Grippers and What Types Exist?

Cobots need grippers on their arms to grab and move things. Grippers come in different [...]

End of Arm Tooling: Types & Tips

End of Arm Tooling, or EOAT, is the equipment connected to the end of a [...]

How to Choose the Right Gripper?

Grippers are like robot hands, and they connect to the robot’s wrist. They help the [...]

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Grippers: An In-Depth Introduction

Collaborative robots, often called cobots, have changed manufacturing. They are easy to use, need less [...]

Cobots: End of Arm Tools & Applications

The demand for collaborative robots (cobots) is growing. Businesses use cobots to improve their operations. [...]