2D Vision Systems

2D Vision Systems
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Machine vision is a combination of hardware and software that provides operational guidance to devices by capturing and processing images.

What is a Machine Vision System?

Machine Vision System consists of integrated components designed to utilise information gathered from digital images to aid in effective and efficient manufacturing and production operations.

What is a 2D Machine Vision Systems?

2D vision systems are typical inspection cameras. It consists of capturing 2D images in various resolutions.

Types of Machine Vision Systems

There are four types of vision systems that differ from each other, these include:

  • 1D vision systems

  • 2D vision systems

  • 3D vision systems

  • Line Scan or Area Scan

How does a 2D vision system work?

With a 2D vision system, the camera would usually process an image across the X and Y planes.

What are Machine Vision System applications?

The most common applications of machine visions systems are:

  • Barcode recognition

  • Object detection

  • Object locating

  • Defect detection

  • Print character recognition

  • Component counting

  • Measurements

  • Robotic guidance

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