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Delta Robots or Parallel Robots are a type of Industrial Robot. The parallel design results in a robot that has increased stability and precision, with faster cycle times than serial technology. One disadvantage of parallel kinematic robots is they tend to have a relatively large footprint-to-workspace ratio. A Delta Robot is a type of Parallel Robot that consists of 3 arms.

Delta Robots
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What is a Delta Robot

A delta robot can also be referred toas the 'Spider' robot.

Delta robots' name is attributed to its upside-down triangular shape.

Delta robots have a bass connected to jointed parallelograms. In other words, a parallel robot that consists of three arms connected to joints at the base.

A delta robot typically work within a workspace that is dome-shaped. They are well-known for their ability to execute minute and precise motions.

Applications of a Delta Robot

Delta robots’s common applications include assembling, high-speed manufacturing and packaging.

Industries that utilise Delta Robots

Delta Robots are often found in the electronic, medical, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. This is due to their high speed operations.

Benefits of Delta Robots


    Delta robots are usually mounted overhead in the production line therefore take up minimal space in comparison to other robotic solutions. This makes delta robots ideal for limited work space.

    Challenges with utilising Delta Robots


      The speed at which the Delta robots work at and its overall design does not allow for heavy payloads. A delta robot can lift an average of 5kgs, this may vary depending on the speeds of which the delta robot is working at.


        Due to the delta robot's construction, the reach further downwards will impact its movement from side-to-side to which significantly limits its range of motion.

        How is a Delta Robot programmed?

        A delta robot can be programmed through a PLC.

        How this works is that a conveyor can be outfitted with an encoder. What this encoder does is that is passes information to the PLC.