Czech Republic

Metal & Machinery

13 May 2024

I want to automate my project:

We are factory with approx. 800 employees producing door leafs for rail industry. We are looking for an integrator to install a robot (cobot) to grind a door leafs in grinding box of the paintshop. Maximum length of a door leaf is between 2500 and 3000mm. What we are looking for, is the robotic grinding machine for the door leafs for trains/metros/trams which we produce, where we grind in our paint shop (of which I´m representative) some layers applied on the surface of the door leaf as a first anticorrosion layers applied on either on aluminium or putty surface, where we grind the complete surface of a door leaf standardly 20 µm (this is standardly what we take from in µm from the surface) from the IN and OUT side of a door leaf as well. Standard dimensions of a door leaf (a x b) is from 750 mm x 2240 mm up to 1088 mm x 2517 mm (as minimum up to maximum). Now the job is done manually by the operators and what we want to have as result of this action is to save manual work, to have repeated results from the quality point of view and maybe even faster by the robot than now manually by the operator. For sure we would more appreciate the suppliers which are from Czech Republic where we are located to be able to see the machine in operation.


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