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14 May 2024

I want to automate my project:

We want to create the lowest cost home robot possible. We need a camera, wheels to move around and an arm as well as simple capability for people to program and put models on top of that, so connection to internet is important. An open source framework would be the best. Potentially we can put a Raspberry Pi or something similar in there. The closest thing on the market that we understand is from a company called Hello Robot. We are looking to find out the cost of 1 prototype, and what the cost would be when we scale up to 100, 1000, 10000 products. We look for the right manufacturer to go through this process with us. We are looking at skills like picking up, cleaning the counter. Our goal is to create a complete solution for $6k - 15k, but this is still open. Our company is a robotic startup that is backed by venture capital.


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