17 Jun 2024

I want to automate my project:

We are a startup that studies the marine environment. Initially, we need to measure the linear size of offshore objects; at the next stage of development, it is necessary to measure the area of ​​objects. After this, autonomous monitoring devices can be replicated at sea. 1. This is the simplest thing.. We need to measure (at first only the length) objects on the water and at any distance (there are already such applications for Android). 2. It is necessary to process this information (there are many different possibilities for this) and transmit only the numerical value wirelessly to the computer. 3. At the next stage, you need to calculate the area of ​​the object or the length of the contour (perimeter) and also transfer the numerical value to the computer. 4. If the camera has AI, then this is welcome, since we only need to transmit one value per second. That’s all for now at this stage, and then we’ll move on to a more complex topic - a hyperspectral camera..