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Access #SmartSafeguarding Established eleven years ago as a start-up by a group of young technicians, experts in safety and mechanics applied to machinery, today it has more than 30 employees and operates in all industrialized countries thanks to the certifications achieved with the strictest German institutions . At the headquarters in Verderio, it is able to control the production cycle from ISO3834 certified welding processes to the surface coating treatment and integrates an assembly and control department for all the electromechanical components sold in support of the protection systems. The whole process is governed by a management system that acts with the tools of the digital factory that provides for different stages of quality control. Access also has a great experience in the interpretation of regulations thanks to the participation in the international committees prepared for the drafting of the same. The Machinery Directive is the "civil code"​ that regulates the behavior of machinery in relation to potential risks related to their functions in general and in the future will be the basis of the regulation of the behavior of robots towards humans. Over the years, Access has developed more than 15,000 projects all on design, of which we preserve every detail in the archives of our "House of Safety"​ laboratory; a work environment, designed as a welcoming home to stimulate ideas and creativity, where the technical team has the most advanced mechanical design software and a laboratory for testing materials and electronic components. Access is able to design and build complete systems that safeguard operators from risks related to the production process, whether they are simple fences or systems equipped with sensors and computering that manage all the surveillance functions

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