AGILOX, the congenial symbiosis of sophisticated software and mobile robotics represents the new generation of automated guided vehicles. The interdisciplinary experts‘ team of the AGILOX Services GmbH with many years of experience linked all tools of current supply chain management with the most powerful possibilities in automation and information technology. Thus a compact stand-alone AMR was developed in 2017 enabling a broad range of economic advantages in intralogistics. The cutting-edge technology ensures utmost flexibility in the improvement of your intralogistics processes: a revolutionary drive concept offering a 360° rotation combined with highly efficient swarm routing provide significant cost-effectiveness due to shorter throughput times and a continuous material flow. The Plug and Play system doesn‘ t need any further infrastructure when operating 24/7, 365 days, increasing in this manner plant productivity – from large firms to SMB – many times over.

Products from AGILOX