Alkeria offers a range of digital cameras for industrial, diagnostic and life science use, offering highest attention to quality, smart and custom features in our products and direct support to our customers. Coming from over 20 years of OEM custom image-acquisition devices development and production, Alkeria is today a clever choice in the machine vision cameras market. Our team holds more than 20 years of expertise and knowledge in developing top of the line devices for digital image acquisition and motion control. With a strong experience in motor control and synchronization, smart triggers and multi-I/O capabilities, Alkeria is the answer for your vision demands. With its headquarters in the technology industry site of Navacchio - just one step away from Pisa - Alkeria is right in the heart of innovation, working aside with excellence research centres and other hi-tech innovation companies. Reliability is a key value in Alkeria: we operate according to scrupulous quality criteria, with full traceability of every component of our products. Development and production is fully in-house, and we know everything about any camera we deliver, so that you can be sure you will never find any problems, only solutions. Alkeria products are fully in-house developed and every feature can be tailored to meet any specific request, to fit perfectly into medical equipment, high demanding OEM machines and robots or read sensors and control stepper/brushless motors.

Products from Alkeria