Alstrut offers turnkey robotics & industrial automation solutions to discrete manufacturing companies. In partnership with Universal Robots - Denmark, the leading global company manufacturing 6-axis collaborative robots, Alstrut has moved into the fast growing space of ‘cobots’. Partnered with autonomous mobile robot company, MiR - as well as with other robot accessory manufacturers such as OnRobot, Robotiq, Pick-it, RoboWorld, Alstrut has taken the position of leadership in the collaborative robot space in India. Alstrut, was the first Indian company to provide a complete range of modular machine building solutions. Alstrut's objective is to provide companies with high quality products at competitive prices with local and global sourcing of components. With standardization as the mantra, Alstrut uses key design techniques including 'Design for Assembly'​, 'Design for Manufacturing'​, 'Design for Aesthetics'​ in designing components. This allows for quick turnaround of turnkey automation solutions, easy customization for specific requirements and reduced maintenance by interchangeability of parts. The core business of Alstrut is designing and commissioning customized material handling solutions such as assembly lines, end of line automation – as well as modular industrial and assembly line components, such as work stations, trolleys, conveyors, machine structures and more. Alstrut has rapidly moved up the value chain and is now a recognized company in India servicing industries as diverse as automobile, auto-components, machine tool, FMCG, pharmaceutical, electrical & EMS.

Products from Alstrut