Applied Robotics


Applied Robotics, headquartered in Glenville, NY, is a leading provider of standard and engineered end-of-arm tooling, connectivity, and automation solutions designed to give greater speed, flexibility, efficiency, and longevity to our customers' products and machinery. Products include XChange Epsilon automatic tool changers, QuickSTOP collision sensors, pneumatic grippers, ARPG palletizing grippers, and other automation components designed to add value to any design. Our products are engineered to resolve actual sector issues and are updated to keep up with the markets’ new needs and concerns. Our XChange Epsilon automatic tool changers use cams instead of ball bearings to offer more points of contact, greater capacity, and therefore, better lifetime. Because of this, we offer the industry’s best warrantee. Standard modules transfer everything from coolant to high-voltage current to custom fasteners and more. Innate safety features insure worker and workpiece security. Our gripper technology comes from years of making high rigidity / high precision work-holding devices for machine tools. Automation and robotic applications requiring, high load, high repeatability, and/or high frequency benefit from our pneumatic gripper designs and build quality. Applied Robotics’ QuickSTOP collision sensors protect expensive tooling from unintended crashes. Whether applied to a robot arm, the head of a 3-axis cutting machine, or other equipment/machinery, our QuikSTOP will seriously reduce downtime and replacement end of arm tooling costs. We serve a variety of markets, including material handling, assembly, deburring, cutting, dispensing, machine tending, welding and others. We are an international company based in New York with locations in Europe and authorized distributors across the globe.

Products from Applied Robotics