Robotics are going to change what it means to work over the next couple of decades. Yet traditional robotics is still bulky, hard to use and costly, making true automation inaccessible for a huge number of labs and manufacturers. For robotics to truly change the world, it first needs to be democratised. And that’s why we developed Eva. Eva is the most cost effective, flexible and easy-to-use industrial robotic arm on the market today. Small enough to fit around any workflow in both the lab and the manufacturing space – without the need for a bulky cage or separate control box – Eva’s 6 degrees of freedom make it as nimble as any human arm (and almost as easy to programme). This industrial robot is the perfect solution for eliminating the repetitive, dull and strenuous tasks that are still being done manually today. With Eva, you can quickly and easily take the next step into industry 4.0 – and beyond.

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