Brovind Vibratori S.p.A. starts in 1956 as “Vibrazioni Industriali”, one of the first companies in Europe specialized in automatic vibratory feeding systems. In the ’80s it acquires a new identity as “Brovind Vibratori s.r.l.”, an independent Company that already contains the core elements of the future Group: manufacturing on their own account of vibratory driving units and electronic command and control devices, with the scope to develop a complete knowhow about vibratory feeding on 360 degrees, from the mechanical aspects to the electronics required to improve them. As today, Brovind Group has a workforce of 120 employees, divided on 4 factories: - Brovind Vibratori S.p.A. – main base located in Cortemilia, Italy. The historical main factory, where the vibratory driving units are manufactured and the vibratory feeding systems are customized according to the specifications of the customers. It’s provided with a mechanical design studio working on 3D CAD, CNC workshop, project management office and sales engineers office. A second site, always in Cortemilia, is used to manufacturing the bowls required by the feeding systems and heavy structures. - Brovind Vibratori S.p.A. – Turin branch, Italy. Auxiliary site born in the ’90 to assist in realizing vibratory feeding systems. - Brovind do Brasil – Brazilian branch. Auxiliary site for vibratory feeding systems for South American market. - Brovind Elettronica srl – located in Cortemilia, Italy. Company specialized in developing and manufacturing Brovind’s electronic devices for command and control of vibratory feeding systems.

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