DUCO Robots


DUCO Robots was founded in 2014. We already have more than 300 patents, 1500+ customers at home and abroad, and thousands of completed project applications in total. Our main business includes DUCO multifunctional collaborative robots. #DUCO® Robots is an independent brand affiliated to SIASUN. DUCO (do unique cobot) is committed to provide unique products and value for customers. In 2015, DUCO released China's first Seven-joints Collaborative Robot. In 2016, DUCO released the first Dual Arm Collaborative Robot, and in 2018, DUCO released the first payload 20kg Hybrid Collaborative Robot, the products have obtained CE and SEMI certification. With the characteristics of intelligence, safety and stability, DUCO Robots is widely used in various industries such as Automobile, Energy, Semiconductor, 3C, Food and Medicine industry, Education and Scientific research filed. As a world-renowned brand, DUCO® Robots has been exported to many countries and regions all over the world such as Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. DUCO® Robots has more than 100 models Collaborative Robot,including Single-Arm Collaborative Robots, Dual-Arm Collaborative Robots, Hybrid Robots and OHS Over-Head-Shttle system, #DUCO Robots payload capacity is between 3kg-25kg. Intelligent Collaboration for a Better World. DUCO® Robots will continue to maintain its R&D and innovation advantages, to push forward the collaborative robot industry with the power of wisdom, and to create a better future together with more customers.

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