Euclid Labs


Euclid Labs designs and develops high-tech solutions for robotics and industrial automation. We work to give industrial manufacturing companies flexible and effective software tools to solve difficulties related to small batch production, high quality requirements and the automation of complex tasks. In close collaboration with robot manufacturers, machine builders and system integrators we create the best applications for automatic programming. Founded in 2005, a higher profitability of industrial automation has always been our goal. We enable our customer to reach this goal by reducing programming time and adding adaptive skills to automation systems. Our random bin picking software is our main product today, with more than 100 installations worldwide, while offline programming software solutions from Euclid Labs have been used for lens edgers, panel machines, laser sorting, robot palletizers, robot pressbrake bending, riveting, clinching machines, marble polishing automation, frame painting cartesians, automatic surface scan, creation of trajectories using haptic devices and the translation of software programs from one robot language to another… We are ready for new challenges!

Products from Euclid Labs