Welding technology made in the Westerwald In Germany’s Westerwald region lies a hidden champion – a worldwide leader in technology and quality: EWM AG is Germany’s largest and one of the most important manufacturers of arc welding technology worldwide. The family-run company from Mündersbach has been living its motto “We are welding” for over 60 years with forward-looking, well thought-out and sustainable complete solutions, designed with a large helping of passion for industrial clients, as well as skilled craft businesses. EWM develops high-end welding technology. The Westerwald-based company offers complete systems that cover everything from high-quality welding machines and all associated components, through welding torches, to welding consumables and accessories for manual and automated applications. EWM has made a name for itself worldwide thanks to its large sites in Germany, China and the Czech Republic. Users praise the products’ ease-of-operation and excellent results. Companies value the solid consultancy, service and enormous savings that come with EWM systems. The partially patented welding processes reduce the consumption of materials, energy and time, and produce up to 75 percent fewer welding emissions.

Products from EWM