IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is a leading manufacturer of digital industrial cameras with USB or GigE interface. Boasting more than two decades of experience in development and sale of USB 2.0 cameras, today we are also among the pioneers in the development of digital USB3 industrial cameras. For quick, easy and precise 3D machine vision tasks IDS offers the Ensenso 3D camera series. Additionally, the vision app-based, intelligent cameras of the IDS NXT family open up new dimensions in image processing. With IDS NXT ocean, a complete solution especially for AI-based image processing is now available. It makes it possible to solve tasks where classic, rule-based image processing has reached its limits - without any programming effort. Whether in an industrial or non-industrial setting: IDS cameras and sensors assist companies worldwide in optimizing processes, ensuring quality, driving research, conserving raw materials, and serving people. They provide reliable and efficient support for your application. We develop all of our cameras exclusively in Germany, produce them using sustainable methods, and sell them all over the world. A certified quality management system ensures that our processes are effective, and guarantee the exceptional quality and long-term availability of our products. Our developments focus on broad-based, established technologies from the consumer world. We then modify them to make them suitable for industrial use in equipment, machine and plant engineering in a wide variety of target sectors.

Products from IDS