Imanpack Packaging


Founded in 1975 in Santorso, Vicenza, Iman Pack entered the packaging world with the first small wrapping machine, the Micropac. This versatile machine soon demonstrated its capabilities in all markets becoming a notable model in the flow-pack industry. Today Imanpack boasts a production range that includes the economic Micropac as well as fully automated complete packaging lines operated in all production phases by specially designed Imanpack microprocessors. Thanks to experience earned working along side world leaders such as Mars Confectionery, Unilever, Ikea, SKF, Sauder, Reckitt Benckiser, Olivetti, Vimar , and thanks to a strong inclination towards special projects, Imanpack is able to satisfy the needs of various markets (from food to nuts and bolts, from pharmaceutics to general gift goods, from cosmetics to hardware ).

Products from Imanpack Packaging